Monday, August 13, 2012

Fox Kit

So Twitchie has been getting all the blogging attention of late, and <Fidelity> is already starting to wind down after clearing heroic Dragon Soul.

I've had a lot going on in game, but writing about it in two other places does tend to keep me away from this one. Today, I had a discussion with Jondy about the Fox Kit becoming purchasable with Tol Barad Commendations. Her response was, "there are some things that should be left to RNG, some things that should be earned, not bought".

200 commendations? That's a LOT. I saved up enough for both trinkets, [Reins of the Drake of the West Wind], [Reins of the Spectral Steed] (my most favourite ground mount ever) and I'm working on another pet, [Rustberg Gull]. 665 commendations all up. I couldn't possilbly grind out another 200.

So I set to work, killing foxes, and cursing RNG all the way around the island. Until Jondy suggested I should be a little more Zen about it. She asked if I could kill 10 foxes in a row without some kind of expletive exploding from my person. So I became at one with the foxes... ALL THE FOXES. I instinctively worked my way around the island, each spawn point known to me. Targetting macro at the ready, I charged and vanquished the foxes around and around.

All of a sudden my bags were full, so I whipped out my favourite utility items. First up, my Tundra Mammoth to sell some vendor junk, and then calling on my Argent Squire complete with Pony to mail off my fangs and claws. I figured I would get a good idea of how many foxes I had to kill to end up with the kit.

I started up again and was joined by Whippy who used every part of the fox as we sprinted around the island.

Eventually, the Fox Kit was all mine, and I vendored my fangs and claws for 180g. Estimated foxes (for this one session, over the course of doing dailies I'd have killed many, many more) comes out to around 230.


  1. Ugh, I should do this at some point. :( I don't wanna though! Teach me your ways of being zen with the foxes. Please.


    1. Well, you can always take the currency route!

      As far as the path of zen destruction route, I recommend some good music, plenty of free time and maybe a delicious beverage or two.

      I'm not sure how much else I can teach you... for I am in this same boat. I've been procrastinating earning the Insane title, pretty much ever since Jondy got hers. I just can't face all that $#@%ing pick pocketing again. I did have some takers at 25g/box recently... but that was just a few mails full.

      So perhaps I'll tweet my progress at you, and it might motivate you to slaughter some foxes.

      Make sure you use some heroic strikes on them (if they even get to live that long) while you still can.