Saturday, November 26, 2011

Glory of the Cataclysm Hero

I picked up my long overdue [Reins of the Volcanic Stone Drake] by completing Glory of the Cataclysm Hero this week, as the silver lining on a cancelled raid. Finding guests when we are a couple down for heroic mode content is proving to be very difficult this close to patch 4.3. The following raid night I even had trouble finding a single ranged DPS that was up to the task, so with a third of our week already down we had a romp through four normal bosses, leaving a heroic Beth'tilac this week for a full strength guild group.

If I may digress further, the silver lining on the romp through normal mode bosses was Kalus was able to complete his [Branch of Nordrassil]! You can barely see the shadow tree of life, but he's there, kicking some ass. [Remind me to update with a gallery link to the action shots here]

Meta achievements can be a little painful, as it is difficult enough to schedule 9 hours of raiding per week for 10 or so people... when it comes to a ton of achievements across a bnuch of heroic dungeons, it tends to get a little messy. Fortunately, after a few guildies smashed through a bunch of achievements together quite a while ago, we were able to put together a group to help Jondy and I finish off our missing ones.


  1. Wooo! Grats on the drake :) ...mount #zillion(?) lol... I certainly appreciate how difficult it is to find guests to fill a vacancy - and we're not even close to Fidelity's 6/7H. I do wonder, however, if it's due to the closeness of 4.3 or is it moreso because Wednesdays and Thursdays are the widely accepted raid nights on Dath'Remar. Regardless, fabulous (and inspiring) to have the frustration and annoyance of cancelling a raid turn into serendipitous magic. Grats on the achievement!

  2. Kalus18:51

    Wow it is really hard to see me in shadow tree form. Was fun though. ;)

    Grats on the drake.