Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jondayla wins the Booty Bay fishing contest!

Just a few minutes ago, Jondayla won the Boot Bay fishing competition for the achievement Master Angler of Azeroth, leaving only catching that elusive fish for Accomplished Angler and the Salty title.

Since Jondy started down the path of fishing milestones, she has taken the Azerothian fishing community by storm.

I remember my days of trying to fish up [Old Ironjaw], with no luck at all. Jondy on the other hand scooted on down to Orgrimmar just to be diplomatic, and after getting the achievement... decided to cast half a dozen times since she hadn't been ganked yet... and BAM! Wasn't even looking at the screen when [Old Crafty] landed in her bags and the achievement emblazoned her screen! We're not sure... but we estimate about 7 casts... TOTAL.

Jondy has also been running around all over Azeroth completing the newly introduced cooking and fishing dailies in Ironforge and Darnassus. After conclusion of this story, you'll understand why I'm puzzled at her bemoaning RNG for her missing out on the last of her cooking dailies. Jondy announced that her fishing daily in Ironforge was to put Young Ironjaw up on display. We both thought that was kinda cute after my efforts to fish up the old bastard. You guessed it, BAM! [Old Ironjaw] fished up in the same cast as [Young Ironjaw]!

So all but Salty, Jondy has been relaxing of late fishing for a [Dark Herring],

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  1. Wow, a huge achievement! The time, determination and sheer tenacity this has no doubt taken is inspiring. Congratulations Jondy!! Sadly, Ianthee has never quite mastered fishing, simply because I've coloured her development with painful memories of being stuck in a tiny dingy in Morton Bay, on a particlarly windy day and after just having eaten something. Instant fish food and a 2 kilo weight loss. We did catch a lot of fish that day.. I digress. Congratualtions Jondy, well done My Lovely :)