Saturday, May 28, 2011

Deathcharger's Reins

I found something exciting in my Satchel, the other day. [Deathcharger's Reins]! To my surprise one of the few times I solo queued for a random heroic on Zenborg as a healer, I hit the jackpot. Borgthor rarely tanks outside of guild activities, but my newly dinged 85 DK tank Borgelmir has been doing a bunch. It has still been worthwhile, since he's had at least 3 free flasks and some gems in addition to the extra coin.

I also just realised that outside of Twitchie's exploits and the odd piece of mount news, I've posted very little else. Guild raiding is covered on our forum and blog, so feel free to head on over and check it out. At 12/12 and 3 hard modes, we're traveling very well as we hurtle towards patch 4.2 and firelands.

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